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The founders of the JumpFund are a group of female Chattanooga leaders who observed that the key players in the city’s burgeoning and dynamic start-up scene are mostly men, both investors and entrepreneurs.  With the work of incubators and investors such as the Company Lab, the GigTank, the Lamp Post Group and the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund, the community is creating a dynamic new entrepreneurial ecosystem. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of women in this space and even fewer women taking leadership roles in ventures with high growth potential.

In an attempt to answer the challenging question of “where are the women?“, the JumpFund will provide the key element, the capital, to create an opportunity for women in Chattanooga and the Southeast to bring their strengths to the table.  The JumpFund will change the economic landscape, the number of successful entrepreneurs and increase the number of gender diverse teams in the region.  Our vision is to establish the Southeast as the nation’s best place for a woman to invest in or start a business.

The JumpFund’s goal is to encourage women to invest in women to help grow women’s business leadership throughout the Southeast.  The JumpFund’s mission is to invest women’s capital in female-led companies with growth potential in order to generate a strong financial return and elevate the role of women in business.



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