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Capital On-Tap, REZLI Software Platform Serves Career Needs of Interactive Gamers and Others

Milt Capps November 16, 2015 | “REZLI, the software program created by a Chattanooga startup that previously produced tournaments, will now focus on supporting interactive gamers and others who are building personal career networks and pursuing jobs they prize.” More.



Seeking A Female Investor? Start By Doing Your Research.

Kelly Hoey November 7, 2015 | “Wondering how to meet the elusive female investor for your early-stage venture? Here’s a resource list of networking groups, blogs and Twitter handles (peppered with seasoned advice from entrepreneurs and investors) to help you find the investor you’re looking for.” More.



What’s Gender Bias Got To Do With It? Almost Everything For Women Seeking Venture Funding

Lucienne Ide October 2, 2015 | “On the heels of a recent announcement that a new Atlanta venture fund has been created specifically to fund women-owned startup businesses, it made me think, ‘Why haven’t we moved the needle more in funding women-owned early-stage companies? And, do we still need venture funds whose specific mission is to provide capital to women only?’ The answer, apparently, is a resounding yes.” More.



The Nuts And Bolts Of Scaling A Company

Geri Stengel July 22, 2015 | “When you think nuts and bolts, you probably don’t think innovation. Not so for Jewel Burks, co-founder and CEO of Partpic.” More.



List of Female Angel and Early-Stage Investors in Tech

Mackenzie Burnett July 9, 2015 | “Researching all these individuals and their experiences, I felt like I was reading about the superheroes of the tech startup world.” More.



Tiffanie Robinson Wants to Turn Chattanooga Into the Next Silicon Valley

Ellie Kaufman July 2, 2015 | “Chattanooga is a mid-sized city that is innovating and growing through collaboration. We don’t have the same history and density as a place like Silicon Valley, but we’re building our own history and doing things other cities aren’t.” More.


Plum Alley

The Ecosystem for Female Entrepreneurs

Deborah Jackson June 29, 2015 | “We have identified the organizations that have a primary and demonstrated commitment in one or more of these areas: women entrepreneurs; women building tech; women angel investors and women professional venture investors.” More.


Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Tennessee Diversity, Support And Women In Entrepreneurship

Clark Buckner June 14, 2015 | “There’s certainly an ongoing conversation around equality in tech and entrepreneurship, including women in tech and entrepreneurship in our region. From the 35 interviews I recorded at 36|86, I wanted my first segment to highlight some of these stories I heard first hand at the conference.” More.


The Tennessean

Bright future ahead for Tenn.’s female entrepreneurs

Charlie Brock February 15, 2015 | “The Jump Fund, organized in 2012 and based in Chattanooga, is the Southeast’s only female-focused angel fund; composed of women investors, it puts capital into female-led early-stage companies.” More.



The JumpFund focused on start-ups with women in the C Suite

Tom Ballard February 12, 2015 | “Like many initiatives originating in the Scenic City, their story is about taking things in their own hands to make a difference rather than waiting on others to do something.” More.



The JumpFund announces investments

Staff Report November 25, 2014 | “About a year ago, a group of seven women leaders announced a new venture capital fund that will support female entrepreneurs. Now, they’ve announced their first investments.” More.



Women Angels: Tapping Into A Serious Investment Source

Marianne Hudson October 8, 2014 | “More than a dozen angel groups in the U.S. focus mostly on women investors and/or women-led companies. One of these, Golden Seeds was the most active angel group in the U.S. in 2013, and a number of new groups were established recently such as X Squared Angels in Columbus and The Jump Fund in Chattanooga.” More.


Venture Tennessee Connections

Feetz Inc. dances its way into The Jump Fund’s portfolio

Milt Capps October 3, 2014 | “FEETZ INC., Chattanooga’s mass-customization footwear company, has secured an investment commitment from The Jump Fund and expects to raise a total $1.5MM.” More.


Venture Tennessee Connections

Chattanooga’s JumpFund Makes 1st Investment in Push to Support Women in Startup Companies

Milt Capps August 13, 2014 | “Louisville based SuperFanU, serving schools and sports teams with analytics and loyalty-rewards program, got JumpFund’s inaugural investment, as part of a $1MM Seed round led by Lexington, Ky.-based Bluegrass Angels.” More.


Bloomberg Businessweek

Efforts Seek to Link Women-led Startups, Investors

McClatchy-Tribune July 7, 2014 | “As the country looks to innovative, tech-based startups to expand the United States’ economy…those working in the field have noticed a dearth of females in the science and technology-related startups…”No one thought we could do this,” says Leonora Williamson, a JumpFund partner who said organizers were told “wealthy women use their pocketbooks for philanthropy.” More.



Women investing in other women: The JumpFund seeks high-growth, female-led companies

Chloé Morrison May 5, 2014 | “Having the mentoring support of the women in the JumpFund, early on, made the decision possible,” says O’Connell. “I would have been quite intimidated to quit my job without that support. I worked with the JumpFund partners through the early product market fit, and they put together a group of women for me to make one of my first investment pitches.” More.


Chattanooga Times Free Press EPaper

Making the Jump: New venture fund focuses on female entrepreneurs

Shelly Bradbury April 2014 | “Women excel in entrepreneurship, but often fail to grow big businesses. The JumpFund, a female-based venture fund for women-led start-ups, aims to change that.” More.


Chattanooga Times Free Press

Capital Idea: Chattanooga-based venture funds grow to boost startup firms

Ellis Smith and Dave Flessner January 12, 2014 | “Another venture capital fund, the Jump Fund, is raising $2.5 million from area women for one of the first venture funds in the South committed to investing in female owned or operated businesses.” More.


Chattanooga Times Free Press

The JumpFund to Target Women-Led Firms

Mike Pare November 14, 2013 | “Montague said the fund will help create a place for women in “the Gig City ecosystem” by linking female investors and entrepreneurs through capital investment.” More.



Female business leaders announce angel fund to support women entrepreneurs

Chloé Morrison November 13, 2013 | “Our investments will create an opportunity for women in our community and region to bring their strengths to the table,” partner Tiffanie Robinson said in a prepared statement. “The JumpFund will change the economic landscape, the number of successful entrepreneurs, and increase the number of gender-diverse teams in our backyard.” More.


Chattanooga Times Free Press 

The Female Capital of the World

David Cook October 11, 2013 | “There is no reason why Chattanooga can’t put its stake in the ground now, and say we’re going to be known 20 years from now as the female entrepreneurial capital of the world,” said Tiffanie Robinson. More.


Southern Alpha

She-Sharks: Interview with Chattanooga’s Jump Fund

Kaylee York August 12, 2013 | “This all-female investor, all-female owned startup network focuses on propelling high-potential companies in the scenic city. They are not only growing a a string of success stories, they are augmenting the outlook of an entire community. Check out the exclusive interview.”  More.


Chattanooga Magazine

Taking the Leap: The JumpFund is poised to propel female-led companies in Chattanooga and the Southeast

Jennifer Watts Hoff | “The JumpFund is working to raise $2 million by spring 2014 and will begin to make its first investments this year, which will focus on early stage, female-led ventures with potential for scalable growth (such as tech, consumer products, or life sciences). But the JumpFund is not just focused on the money—mentorship and education for female entrepreneurs and investors is core to the group’s model.” More.