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Whiskey-WomenOn the local and national level, there is a significant lack of access to capital for women to develop high-growth ventures. This is directly tied to the fact that investors are predominantly men, and women have not been as engaged as early-stage investors. The JumpFund provides a confidence-building support network, and the necessary capital, to encourage more women to launch high-growth business ideas.

From an economic development view, women are an untapped market of potential entrepreneurs that make over 80% of all consumer decisions. Studies have recently shown that female-led or gender diverse teams have a greater success rate among early stage ventures backed by venture capital. Ultimately, by investing in women, Chattanooga and the southeast region will be seen as a more attractive hub for entrepreneurs and investors.

A Case for Funding Female Entrepreneurs:

  • “The positive impact that female entrepreneurs can have on countries with the foresight to empower them has been proven, and includes increased job creation and the generation of wealth. Yet most existing research in this field does not identify areas where countries should concentrate their efforts to remove barriers to female entrepreneurship such as access to the capital, technology, networks and knowledge needed to start and grow a business.” — Forbes Magazine

  • “The last year has seen a significant shift in the performance of female entrepreneurs. For the first time in 13 years, women are creating businesses at a greater rate than men in three of the 59 surveyed economies, while they are also performing on an equal footing with their male counterparts in four additional nations.” — Investopedia: Female Entrepreneurs Are Surpassing Their Male Counterparts

  • Women Entrepreneurship affects everyone, as it is crucial to economic growth through the creation of new entrepreneurial ventures and by scaling existing enterprises. — Spark:Her