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TWATTS-Chloe-Morrison-570x3172Although women are highly active in the philanthropic world, giving millions of dollars each year, we account for only a small percentage of the world’s investors.  This speaks volumes about the power of a woman’s purse, as well as the opportunities we ought to explore by urging more women to be active investors in for-profit ventures.

The JumpFund actively seeks and recruits women interested in investing their dollars into smart ventures.  Many of these women are likely to have an active background in philanthropy, or they may have a background in venture capital; regardless, we are harnessing the value of women investing in women and changing the language of our community’s economic development.

Our ability to change the language of the investment world is powerful.  We provide training curricula to our investors and engage them as mentors and advisors with our portfolio teams, providing crucial support in addition to the monetary investment.