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If you’ve been keeping up with the JumpFund, you know we made our first investment this summer with SuperFanU! SuperFanU is a platform that creates customized applications for iPhone, Android and also a mobile web version that allows students, alumni and fans to consume content created by the sports team while also providing the teams with data analytics and marketing materials to help foster adoption of the program with users. About four years ago, co-founders Kayla Mount and Christ Nowak noticed a lack of brand awareness and fan data in the college and university sports markets. Utilizing their expertise in marketing and technology, they launched SuperFanU to address this “pain point.”

Not only does SuperFanU create customized apps for each school it contracts with, it also helps the schools develop loyalty rewards programs for fans who “check in” at games and other events. In return, the schools receive higher attendance at sporting events as well as key data about their fans. SuperFanU provides direct information such as how long a fan is likely to stay, what they are likely to purchase at an event, and what other events he or she may be interested in attending.

SuperfanU team at headquarters in Louisville, KY: Chris Nowak, Kayla Mount, Tendai Charasika

SuperfanU team at headquarters in Louisville, KY: Chris Nowak, Kayla Mount, Tendai Charasika

We’re very excited to work with the highly-skilled management team of SuperFanU.  Kayla has been in the marketing and advertising industry for more than 10 years, having co-founded her own marketing agency in 2009 after working with one of the region’s top advertising agencies for 5 years. She is a long-time sports fan, and after seeing the need for sports fans to connect with one another, Kayla co-founded SuperFanU in 2011. The team is also led by Chief Product Officer, Chris Nowak and CEO Tendai Charasika, formerly of Greater Louisville’s Enterprise Corp.

With this initial investment, the JumpFund is taking an active investor role with SuperFanU and Kristina Montague, Managing Partner, serves on its board of directors.  We were drawn to the exponential growth of this company (over 65 college and university contracts in the last two years) and its position as a “disruptor” in the highly lucrative arena of sports marketing.  And, we are thrilled that our involvement has also helped the company grow its business, with a partnership with Chattanooga Football Club and introductions to key partners at alumni institutions of our investors.

The JumpFund launched with $2.5MM on June 30, 2014 and is supported by over fifty women investors. It’s mission is to invest in women-led, high potential growth ventures in the Southeast and encourage more women as angel investors.

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