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If you’ve read the latest JumpFund press in EDGE Magazine, you’ll see from the diverse backgrounds of the JumpFund partners just how badly female investors and female entrepreneurs are needed in the Southeast’s business community.

The six JumpFund founders’ experience includes psychology, owning a children’s boutique, working an investment trading floor, serving as an assistant dean in the UTC college of business, serial entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and management consulting.

That collective resume shows just how much women can do. It also illustrates how women can do even more. Like Cory Allison said to EDGE, “My business was great, but why didn’t I reach higher and look for an opportunity that I could have scaled to a much bigger company?”

Kristina Montague answers her question with her own personal story, explaining that as dean of external affairs “I noticed…young women interested in starting their own businesses lacked the confidence, networks, role models, and support systems to successfully develop or launch their ideas.”

In other words, all of the women who started the JumpFund have done amazing things, but also see even bigger dreams on the horizon. Based both on their actual experiences and those that weren’t available at the beginning of their careers, the six partners see the necessity of paving the way for fellow women. They are unlocking and holding the door open for more female investors and daring women to envision the kind of big, scalable businesses men found far more often.

It’s a premise that will not only change the lives of the investors and entrepreneurs who become a part of the JumpFund, but will change business in form and function. By insisting women not only have a seat, but an entire table all to themselves, more boards and businesses will have substantial female presence, and organizations will have more balanced approaches to their operations.

As Shelley Prevost points out in EDGE, “Businesses need decisiveness, tenacity, and people who fight for their beliefs. But businesses also need compassion, nurturance, emotional intelligence, and people who can yield to one another.” With more women in business, organizations will have a wider range of skills and perspectives to draw from en route to success.

As the JumpFund creates a special place for women in the Southeast business and finance  ecosystem, these six women will display all the qualities Prevost describes, showing that women not only have something unique to offer, but can have in themselves all the skills necessary, whether they are founding a startup or changing the world.